Wheat Scharf Associates DBE certified

Landscape Architects, Tucson, Arizona
Wheat Scharf Associates is now Wheat Design Group! We continue to work in partnership with our clients and consultants to balance environmental, social and economic aspects of transportation, parks and institutional/urban design projects.  Our clients include town, city, county, tribal and state governments and agencies, and associated design professionals.

We are inspired by:

  • The benefits of great civic environments
  • The interplay of built and open spaces
  • Harvesting and conserving water to reduce the demand for potable water – essential in arid regions
  • Fostering social interaction, meaning and identity
  • Public art collaboration
  • Healthy communities
  • Conservation of natural and cultural resources

Wheat Scharf Associates and LJ Design & Consulting have 37 years of project experience. WDG’s current staff of 10 includes 7 Arizona-registered Landscape Architects, a LEED Accredited Professional, 5 ADOT-Certified Erosion Control Coordinators, a Certified League Cycling Instructor and a Bicycle Ambassador. WDG provides planning, design and construction administration services for Pima County, City of Tucson, Arizona Department of Transportation, other cities and counties, Native American nations, the University of Arizona, private clients, developers and Associations.

Wheat Design Group is an ADOT certified DBE.

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